About Me

After more than a 30 year search…

Greetings to all those who are looking for a way to increase their revenue streams.

Let me introduce myself.

My Name is Michael Coe a 69 year old retired pastor who has all ways been very passionate about helping others.

Even before I retired, I took on the responsibility of aging parents and an elderly aunt.

Needless to say as time went on they required more and more of my time.

When my dad passed my responsibilities Increased and then with my moms progressive deterioration and with hiring and managing care givers, I had less and less time for anything else.

I had still managed to continue my mission work in Africa until I picked up a deadly bacteria that almost killed me. As a result I lost a third of my left lung. And today am ‘fit as a fiddle’.

For the past few years I have been coaching and working in internet marketing as time has permitted.

I have researched…studied and rekindled my love of Network Marketing.

In 1983 I was introduced to Network Marketing by a high school friend, the company was Cambridge Plan International. Back in those days it was face to face and hotel meeting rooms that we used to build our organizations.

The friend who introduced me made almost 1.5 million dollars in 24 months. I on the other hand got in a little late and only made a little over 50 thousand and then the company went bankrupt. As happens with many MLM companies. But I knew that MLM worked all you need is a great unique product and a stable company behind it.

So for the next 30 years I was doing other things.

With retirement I began to search for a Network Marketing Company that were in the business of helping people not only financially but with their health. I investigated 100’s.

The deciding factor for me was based upon my criteria of 1) Health 2) Financial 3) Financial Stability of the company and 4) The technology of 21st Century.

Well, let me tell you I found, for me, the perfect business!

Now Lifestyle covers all the bases and more.

  1. A Fitness Plan That is Simple and Works!
  2. A lucrative comp plan.
  3. The technology to make you successful!

Here is the bonus: They do all the selling and follow up! All I do is send traffic and help those who need it.

You owe it to yourself to take a serious look a this amazing company.

If I can help, feel free to text me at 352.406.0993 or Call 800.320.4394.